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International Medical Health Insurance & Evacuation Assistance Services


Medical Evacuation and medical insurance from TravelCareEmergency Evacuation Services & International Medical Insurance.  Insurance is crucial for international travelers for 2 reasons.  First, most people are not covered under their health insurance when traveling overseas.   50% of all travelers get sick and 1 in 20 requiring hospitalization – there’s a good chance you or a loved one will need medical attention when traveling overseas.

Second, few if any, travelers have evacuation service.  While we hope it’s never used – it’s designed for catastrophic events like car accidents, serious injury, and illnesses where superior medical services are required.  An evacuation event can cost $50,000 or more and without coverage it can mean life or death or at least serious financial hardship.  With a cost of only $4.80 per day – it’s an easy decision to purchase this travel insurance policy.

What’s the Program and Coverage?  Our program is similar but some ways better than what corporate travelers use. Executives of large corporations have assistance coverage but most student, leisure and small business travelers don’t.  We offer a special affiliate program so that your clinic, pharmacy, doctors office, travel agency or company can offer superior travel health insurance to your patients, employees and customers.  To see our coverage information and FAQ’s click this link – complete program info and FAQ’s.  The great news is that this comprehensive coverage is only $4.80 per day.  See how it works – watch the video.

Our Affiliate Program.  Subscribers and TravelCare partners can join our Affiliate Program for free by completing the form below.  By joining our affiliate program you can share in the policy proceeds which equal approximately $15 per policy.  It’s a nice benefit to providing your travelers with superior coverage and also helps offset some of your expenses. Our affiliate program is open to Travel Clinics, Pharmacies, Doctors Offices, Hospitals, Travel professionals.  To sign up now please call (877) 615-6520.  Watch the video

How do my Travelers Get the Insurance?  TravelCare subscribers will share an electronic link that’s embedded in each country report which you can print or email directly to your customers.  When they buy using your link you get paid.  It’s completely automated.   For partners we will provide a special URL link that you can use to share with your customers.  When they buy using your link you get paid.  As long as your traveler uses the link or instructions – you get paid.  The link goes to a website which explains the benefits of the program and has an easy 1 page sign up with a credit card payment.  Once the application is completed the traveler will “INSTANTLY” receive a policy via email which will include the travel cards (see image above) that will provide instructions on how to reach the 24/ 7/ 365 global call center.

Simple Steps to Insure High Conversions.  Some of our clients complete the policy information for the traveler.  There is a link in TravelCare on the right hand side of the page.   The other way is always recommend travel insurance and point out the section in the report that describes the program.  If you email the report – there is an electronic link that tracks your client and will credit your account when they purchase.  The printed reports will have instructions for the traveler to follow.  They are required to add your code when signing up which will let us know that they are your client.  Watch the video

Join our Travel Medical Insurance Affiliate Program Today!
There is no obligation to join our international medical insurance and Evacuation affiliate program.  It’s a great benefit to your customers that travel internationally and you can earn along the way.  To Join simply call (877) 615-6520 or sign up!

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