corporate travel health programs by TravelCareCorporate Travel Health Programs

TravelCare powers 10% of the Fortune 100.  Used by Medical Directors, Occupational Health and Human Resources departments – TravelCare is a proven corporate travel health program for companies that want to ensure their traveling employees and contractors are prepared for the risks of international travel. With TravelCare – Companies can fulfill their duty of care by delivering timely medical, safety and destination-centric recommendations prior to overseas travel.  See the demo.

Action vs. Information.  Most Employers and their respective travelers overlook routine vaccinations, prescription medicines and OTC drugs that may eliminate or reduce travel related illnesses.  Employers tend to inform vs. require action on behalf of their employees.  By being proactive, employers can reduce sick time, lost days or weeks of work and reduce the continuing escalation of health care costs related to travel illness. TravelCare is an easy to implement and use corporate travel health solution.

Reducing Potential Liabilities.  Using TravelCare allows the employer to inform the employee about prevalent diseases and illnesses in the destination country.  Providing that information is the first step in ensuring the employee’s safety.  The next step is making sure that the employee has complied with the medical recommendations by speaking or visiting with a medical specialist. TravelCare can offer its network of medical professionals in the event the corporation requires travel medicine services.

Two Types of Corporate Clinic Subscribers


1.  Information, Education and Medical Delivery.   Information, Education and Medical Delivery (vaccinations, prescriptions, prophylaxis).  Some of our largest clients have a centralized medical clinic where they can provide vaccinations, prescriptions, and preventative medicines to their traveling employees. These subscribers use TravelCare to run destination specific medical and safety reports and prescribe the appropriate course of medical action. The TravelCare software allows for single and multi-country medical reports, security and safety updates, access to complete disease and prevention reports, malaria and yellow fever maps, and complete resource guides to everything related to preparing the employee prior to their trip.

2.  Information and Education Only.  Other Corporate Clients without access to a centralized medical clinic or operate satellite offices with no or limited medical personnel, use TravelCare as an information and education tool. Corporate Medical Directors or medical professionals can generate country specific reports which are given to the employee to take to their primary medical healthcare provider or nearby travel clinic.  Reports can be printed and or e-mailed to the traveler.

Duty of Care. The concept of “Duty of Care” is gaining importance in corporate America.  Increasingly, employers have a responsibility to make sure that their employees are aware of the medical, safety and security risks when traveling abroad.  Imagine having an employee travel to a developing country and contracting a preventable disease.  In theory the employer could be liable for not providing the information and or medical treatment prior to travel. The costs of lost work days, related medical care and potential liability exposure are great.  Thus many corporations with employees who travel internationally are turning to TravelCare for a real time solution to manage their Duty of Care responsibility.

What is included in a TravelCare subscription?TravelCare International Travel reports for corporate travelers

  • Corporate Branded Reports
  • Email, Print and Mobile report delivery
  • Traveler reporting
  • Daily Updated Medical Reports
  • Premier Medical Research and Updates
  • Single country reports and mufti-country itinerary reports
  • Coverage of over 200 World Wide Destinations
  • Daily Security and Safety Alerts
  • Country Guides

How to Subscribe to TravelCare.
Corporate subscriptions are available and are priced based on the number of locations and users.   To get a custom price quotes please contact us on or call us directly on (800) 385 8560 ext 1. See the demo.