TravelCare vs. Shoreland Travax

TravelCare® the right choice for Travel Medicine Professionals

With the continued growth of international travel and the increase of serious illness and disease (like Zika and Ebola) travel medicine and travel health services will move to the forefront of health and wellness.   For medical and travel professionals that have a responsibility to ensure that their travelers are "traveling safe"  - the decision on which travel medicine software to use is critical.  There are several travel medicine options to consider.  There are paid services like TravelCare, Shoreland Travax and Tropimed and there are free services like CDC's travel product.

Pros and Cons: There are pros and cons for every product but here are some important issues to consider when purchasing Travel Medicine software or data programs.

Data Sources: Travel Medicine software aggregates multiple sources of data and then organizes into usable and readable reports on a country by country basis.   For medical and travel professionals the ability to pick a destination and generate a report is important.  But the data in those reports is what is critical.    TravelCare, Shoreland Travax and Tropimed all receive information feeds from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) and other international sources.   This information is generally distilled into sections of the reports such as - routine vaccinations, recommended vaccinations, endemic disease and illness, prevention, etc.  Not only is TravelCare's data the most widely used but we are also adding several new data sources which will enhance our medical health, safety and security information.

TravelCare's data sources includes "live" data from its relationship with iJET in addition to a dedicated International Travel Medical staff that is responsible for millions of travelers using their respective services.  Our partners have millions of travelers that using their assistance services so it's critical that their information is accurate and current.

User-Friendliness: Another decision is which product is easy to use and easy to comprehend for both the professional user and consumer. In product to product comparisons - TravelCare was ranked the most user friendly followed by Shoreland Travax and Tropimed. TravelCare's reports are designed to be emailed and or printed but the reports are designed by Doctors but written for use by all medical professionals and easy to understand by your patient.   This makes the recommendation and treatments easier and more efficient. Flexibility:  Another consideration in choosing software is the flexibility in the reporting system.   Both Shoreland Travax and Tropimed offer static reports.  TravelCare is a modular system which means that you modify the reports to deliver just what you are looking for.  If you want it all or or just relevant information you are seeking you have full control over the information delivered.

Support: When choosing a product that will be a core part your business access to support is a critical element.  Both TravelCare and Shoreland Travax are U.S. based companies while  Tropimed is a Swiss-based company.  Getting support for both technological content issues should be considered as a part of the decision. Only TravelCare offers free extended customer support and a unique 2nd opinion service that allows for our professional customers to ask for opinions on difficult cases.

Customization: TravelCare, Shoreland Travax, and Tropimed all offer some level of customization on their reports.  TravelCare goes a step further by offering customization for the user (the creator of the report), the facility which generates the report and a level of personalization for the Customer/Patient/Traveler.   This serves a couple of obvious purposes - 1) to promote the Medical professional (Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacists, etc.) and 2) to reinforce the facility's brand (Doctor's Office, Pharmacy, or Business) and 3) to deliver a personalized report for the traveler.  In effect, the customization and personalization promotes the service and drives new and repeat business.

New Features: TravelCare is clearly the most progressive when it comes to adding new features. TravelCare is focused on helping the clinic, pharmacy, corporation provide a better service so the user can provide better information and deliver more services.  Ultimately the goal is to give more vaccines, more drugs and treatment designed to keep the traveler from getting sick. Companies like Shoreland Travax and Tropimed seem to want to sell more software while TravelCare wants our clients to sell more travel health services and increase their revenue.

Cost per User: Software like TravelCare, Shoreland Travax and Tropimed are usually based on a cost benefit analysis.  Thus software is generally considered on the expense side.  The basic decision of which software is has better content, more user-friendly, can be customized, boils down to cost.   On a per user basis - TravelCare is most affordable followed by Tropimed and then Travax.

Revenue vs. Expense:  TravelCare does not consider itself as an expense because we believe that our product can actually reduce operating costs and increase revenue. We offer tools to help bring in more customers/patients/travelers and delivering revenue generating services. Neither Shoreland Travax nor Tropimed offer these services.

Automation: For Companies, Medical Professionals and Pharmacies that want the benefits of having an effective travel/tropical medicine program in place to ensure the well being of their employees/patients/travelers but do not want to manage the actual consultation process TravelCare offers solutions.   From fully automated virtual consultations to the traditional travel software solution TravelCare can automate or provide custom solution to your unique work environment.

To reach TravelCare please contact us:  (800) 385 8560 Ext 1  or email us now.