Faith Travel

Missionary Travel Health Services

TravelCare® software is used by many missionary programs throughout the U.S.  There are a vast number of Mission programs which send students, employees, youth and young adults to developing countries to provide aid, charity, religious teachings, education and work experience.

These visits are generally into remote areas that have high incidents of disease and illness. Without proper medical attention prior to travel individuals are susceptible to illness that may result in serious medical consequences and even death.

TravelCare software provides complete missionary travel health services and medical details on routine vaccinations, recommended travel vaccinations and preventative measures including  emergency evacuation services and international medical insurance should a traveler get sick or injured. TravelCare allows both the Mission and the traveler to medically prepare for their respective trip to any destination in the world.  With complete medical recommendations, cultural and country detail information and current medical and safety alerts , the Mission and it's participants can be informed and aware of potential travel risks.   Protecting the mission and missionaries since 2001. See the demo.

What's included in a TravelCare subscription?

  • Email, Print and Mobile report delivery
  • Updated Medical Reports
  • Endemic disease and illness and prevention by destination
  • Premier Medical Research and Updates
  • Single country reports and multi-country itinerary reports
  • Coverage of over 200 worldwide destinations
  • Daily Security and Safety Alerts
  • 2nd Opinion - Q & A with medical professionals
  • Country Guides