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Travel Health Services for HR and Occupational Health Professionals by TravelCareSolutions for Occupational Health & Human Resource Professionals

TravelCare is travel health software for Occupational Health and Human Resource Departments for both large and small companies that are responsible for employees that travel internationally.  We currently work with 10% of the Fortune 100 companies in addition to many U.S. and Canadian businesses.  TravelCare is flexible enough to be used by Medical Professionals of any level including Doctors, Nurses, Assistants, Administrators and Corporate Executives.

Generate Travel Medical Reports in Seconds.   With a simple login an HR or Occupational Health executive can generate a comprehensive medical, safety and security report for their traveling employee for any destination worldwide.  The report is generated in seconds and can be emailed, printed or rendered on a mobile device.  View the Software or Training Video

Protect Your Employees and Your Employer.   Duty of Care is the concept that the Employer is responsible for their traveling employees’ welfare and safety.   Using TravelCare helps inform the employee about their upcoming trip and how to be safe while away.   A sick employee costs the Employer a lot more than just lost work days.   Increased premiums, continuing health care costs, lost time and productivity can be significant.

Other Benefits to the Company.  Some Occupation Health and HR Professionals want to ensure that their travelers are compliant – meaning that they are up to date on their routine vaccinations or have gotten appropriate prescriptions or preventative treatments to keep the traveling employee from getting sick while away or upon their return.  Travel Health Services is a great employee benefit.  TravelCare offers private network services to any company that is interested in travel medicine services.

What’s Included in a Subscription?

  • Company Branded Reports
  • Expert Travel Health Services is a benefit to your employees
  • Custom Username and Password
  • Daily Alerts by Country
  • Dynamic Destination Reports for over 260 Destinations (view software)
  • Email/Print and Mobile Centric Reports
  • Disease, Illness, Prevention Articles
  • 2nd Opinion – Q & A with experts
  • User Friendly for both Travelers and Company Users
  • Medical Recommendations for over 260 destinations

Optional Products

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