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TravelCare®– the #1 Software Choice of Travel Clinics

TravelCare excels in high volume travel clinics and medical practices.  Our web-based software is the most popular among both large chain and independent clinics.  TravelCare powers over 400 clinics which including the largest national travel clinic chains.  We are the best travel clinic software because of the following:

1. Data:  Our medical, safety and security data is the most comprehensive in the industry.  Updates are made daily and vetted by our international medical team and worldwide network of medical and security partners.

2.  User Friendly:  our platform is designed to be easy to use – reports can be generated in seconds and can be customized for each user.  Our reports are easy to read for both the medical professionals and travelers that receive the reports.

3.  Company Branded:  Each report is customizable and branded for your company including your logo, address, phone, and email.

4.  Print, Email and Mobile:  Comprehensive travel reports can be very detailed and can exceed 20 pages.  Our system allows the user to either print or email reports to their respective travelers.   Our system is mobile and iPad friendly as well.

5.  The Only Source you will ever need – TravelCare offers extensive resource guides for medical professionals. There is no need to search multiple websites for data or spend time conducting extensive research.  Along with our comprehensive country reports our resource section provides links to PDF’s  and medical research including: scheduled boosters, vaccination information, security alerts, disease and prevention, travel health articles, world disease maps, travelers tools and more…

6.  Tools to help your Business Grow:  For over 10 years we’ve been powering the major travel clinics in the U.S. and internationally.  Our web-based software works.   It’s fast, easy to use and understandable by both clinicians and consumers but that’s only part of the story.  TravelCare is delivering on tools and products that help you generate more business, treat more patients and produce more revenue.  From our Travel Report Tool, Insurance Widget, mobile app, and Traveler Tracking we continue to offer new products to help you grow.

See how Alla Kirsch from Travel Clinics of America uses TravelCare

What is included in a TravelCare subscription?  View the Software or Video

  • Clinic Branded Reports
  • Email, Print and Mobile report delivery
  • Traveler Tracking
  • Daily Updated Medical Reports
  • Premier Medical Research and Updates
  • Single country reports and mufti-country itinerary reports
  • Coverage of over 260 World Wide Destination
  • Daily Security Alerts
  • Daily Safety Updates
  • Country Guides

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