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These figures tell the story.

  • 61 Million travelers per year leave the U.S for foreign destinations.
  • 95% fail to obtain appropriate vaccines, Rx’s or OTC Medications or consult with a medical professional.
  • 50% will suffer from a preventable travel related illness.

Travel from the U.S. to international destinations is massive and growing – yet only a tiny fraction of travelers get basic treatment. Why? The reasons are many – inertia, lack of timely information, a broken medical system, cost of service, etc.  With the potential risks and the cost associated with getting sick from  travel it would seem obvious that more people would get treatment but they don’t.  We continue to let our employees, loved ones, students, customers, clients and patients roam the world without basic updated routine vaccinations, prescriptions and drugs that can keep them from getting sick or at least reducing the symptoms along the way.

We are not satisfied with the current rate of treatment. Our mission is to help our clients – Corporations, Clinics, Pharmacies and their respective healthcare and medical professionals educate, inform and treat more travelers and improve the rate of vaccination, prescription medication and information.  TravelCare is focused on our clients’ needs: the highest quality of medical, safety and security information, the speed and usability of our expert data, and the ease of delivery via Email, Print and Mobile. Recently, we added training for healthcare and medical professionals as an enhancement to professionals that want to enrich their knowledge of travel medicine. We continue to invest in content, partnerships, software and applications that will help us reach and treat more travelers via our clients.

TravelCare was founded in 2001 and for the past 12 years we’ve been serving the medical professionals that provide travel medicine services.  Today, we count 10% of Fortune 100 companies as clients and we provide software services to over 400 clinics, corporations, hospitals, universities and pharmacies in the U.S. and Canada. TravelCare has over 2,000 medical and healthcare professional users and we are dedicated to enhancing our travel health services for our clients.   We are excited by the opportunities in the area of travel medicine and look forward to working with you.

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