Why Buy Emergency Evacuation and International Travel Health Insurance

 Why do I need the TravelCare® travel insurance protection plan?

Please NEVER assume your primary health plan will provide appropriate protection when you travel internationally. See here for more reasons and to purchase travel insurance.

  • Many U.S. health plans do not provide adequate – if any – coverage overseas.
  • U.S. health plans generally do not cover emergency evacuations, which can cost you up to $100,000 or more, depending upon your circumstance.
  • Medicare does not provide coverage for hospital or medical costs outside the United States (except in rare emergency circumstances on our borders with Canada and Mexico) or emergency evacuations.

 Unlike at home, international travelers need special services to address emergencies, like: 

  • How would I know what health providers speak English and are capable of providing care of the quality I would expect at home?
  • When the hospital will not accept my primary health plan and demands a large deposit in order to admit or treat me, what will I do? (This is a common problem as most countries have nationalized healthcare and do not have the means – or the trust – to bill a third-party after-the-fact for services.)
  • What do I do when there is inadequate care locally to treat my condition, and I need emergency transportation to get access to capable care? (International emergency evacuations are not uncommon, are complicated to arrange and are expensive.)
  • Who would I turn to for help if faced with an unsafe environment – a disaster has occurred, there is social unrest, I am being detained for valid or invalid reasons, or the like?
  • What would I do with common, everyday issues like I lost my passport, or I ran out of prescription medication, or my wallet and credit cards were stolen?

TravelCare's plans are provided in coordination with United Healthcare International® and Nationwide® Insurance and provide 24/7 services in any language to address these and a host of other issues unique to international travelers when outside their home environment. More FAQs.

Do the TravelCare "Get me Home" Emergency Evacuation and Assistance plan or the TravelCare "Protection Plus" Travel Medical Insurance plan have any deductibles or copayments?

Both the Emergency Evacuation and Assistance plan and Travel Medical Insurance plan will pay 100% of the reasonable and customary charges for the expenses they cover up to the plans' maximums. More FAQs.

Do foreign hospitals really refuse to admit patients if they don't have cash or a plan that will guarantee in advance to pay?

Unfortunately, that situation is not uncommon. Here in the U.S., where most our healthcare is financed by private insurance, people can receive medical treatment and admission to a hospital by presenting their health plan ID card. In other countries, where healthcare is generally provided under state-financed or state-provided health systems, that is not the case. Their financial infrastructure is not set up to provide care and then send a bill to a third-party to pay the costs after-the-fact. That is why it is common for foreign hospitals to require an up-front payment – often ten thousand dollars or more – or a "guarantee of payment" from a travel insurance provider they are familiar with, like Nationwide. You do not want treatment delayed or denied because you are having difficulty quickly coming up with the cash or sufficient credit balances on your credit cards. More FAQs.