Pharmacy-Based Travel Health Services

The Complete Travel Health Solution.  TravelCare® has developed a comprehensive patent pending technology platform for independent and chain store pharmacies to offer travel health services.  This all in one, web-based, solution allows pharmacists to provide expert travel health advice and recommend pre-trip treatment to protect the health of their traveling customers.  See the demo.

Why Offer Pharmacy-based Travel Health Services?  Each international traveler is worth an average of $400 to a pharmacy. Purchases include travel consultations, routine and travel specific vaccines, Rx, OTC meds and other related in-store purchases. Travel medicine is a valuable health and wellness service for your customers and develops and strengthens the business relationship between you and your customer. Keeping your customers healthy while traveling by providing the necessary information and services can both retain your existing customers and also brings in new customers at the same time.        

Easy to Use and FAST!  With a simple login and password you can generate expert travel advice for over 200 destinations worldwide in seconds.   Our reports can be emailed, printed and viewed on a mobile device.

What’s included in the Travel Medicine Platform? See the demo.

1.  World Travel Reporting Software.  Our web-based software allows users to login from any web browser and generate worldwide travel health and safety reports on demand for any country in the world.  Our reports include comprehensive medical recommendations as well as real-time health and safety alerts for over 200 destinations.   We offer single and multi-country customizable reports along with a full suite of resources for vaccines, disease, prevention, world maps and more. Research that would take hours without TravelCare can be accomplished in just a few seconds.

2.  Customer Acquisition Tools.   While our clients provide excellent travel medicine services to their customers there is an ongoing need to generate new customers.   We’ve recently added tools to help our pharmacy clients generate new customers while tracking and marketing to their current customers.    Tools like the “Free Travel Reports” turn visitors into customers by requiring a registration in exchange for a valuable report.  This allows the local pharmacy to generate new customers based on the customer’s proximity to their store.

3.  Tracking and Reporting. TravelCare’s “My Travelers” report allows users to add travelers so they can follow their customers’ trips and send appointment reminders.   The reporting system tracks the number and generator of each report by location.  TravelCare allows for control and scalability.